When does Detector Inspector invoice for services?

When signing up to Detector Inspector we offer individual services (PAYG), or in Victoria bundled services called the Safer Home Plan.

Safer Home Plan (SHP) - Victoria only

Detector Inspector has taken the 2-year cost of the safety checks required and allowed you to split the payments into two equal instalments. The first is payable just before the next safety check is due, and the second instalment is due 12 months later.

A complimentary coverage period is available for properties that have had all required services completed and do not require services immediately.

Once enrolled on a Safer Home Plan, your property is protected and eligible for all free inclusions. The invoice for the first instalment payment will be due 30 days prior to the next service due date, resulting in a “complimentary coverage period” until that date.

PAYG Services
Where your property is enrolled in one or more individual Services (and not in the Safer Home Plan) fees will be payable within thirty (30) days of the invoice date which will be issued after the service is completed.
If there's an issue at your property prior to us visiting, we can attend, but there would be an additional charge.
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