Replacement of non-Detector Inspector alarms in Queensland made easy

Since the mandatory smoke alarm upgrades in Queensland came into effect in Jan 2022, you’ve told us that one of the most time-consuming and frustrating things is having to arrange replacement of faulty interconnected smoke alarms under warranty with outside suppliers. 

We listened to you and in a big effort to reduce the workload around this, we have introduced a streamlined solution. 

How it works

In Queensland, as a Detector Inspector subscription customer, we will complete product warranty replacement of non-Detector Inspector smoke alarms with no call-out fees and no charge for replacement alarms, provided the faulty alarm is in the manufacturer's product warranty period and the owner’s subscription is current.

If the manufacturer's warranty period has expired, we will provide a quotation for the replacement of expired smoke alarms or alarms that become faulty.

Which brands do you currently replace?

We currently offer product warranty replacement for the following major brands with more to come. 









Our technicians are carrying a certain quantity of these alarms with them so they can replace any faulty/expired alarms on the spot. If we can't replace it on the spot, will re-attend the property.


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