How to request an urgent service

The Urgent Jobs Framework details the urgency levels and provides guidance in regards to the response times we will endeavour to meet.

If you are a tenant and are unsure if your property is protected by Detector Inspector, please contact your Property Manager.

Smoke alarm troubleshooting tips

Got a beeping or chirping smoke alarm? Have you tried:

  • cleaning/vacuuming your smoke alarm - dust and dirt is a major cause of false alarms
  • cleaning any portable fans, heaters, radiators, and air conditioning ducts that are near the alarm in case they are blowing dust and dirt into your smoke alarms
  • in a high humidity climate, use a hair dryer to blow warm air through the smoke alarm to assist with drying out any moisture build-up
  • if your alarms go off from cooking fumes, move the appliance and/or use the exhaust fan when cooking. Opening windows and doors can also help. Some alarms have a "hush" button that provides 10 minutes of respite until hopefully the cooking fumes have disappeared.

If all that fails, please submit an urgent service request using the form below.

Five priority levels for 'urgent' requests

We provide the following Urgent Jobs Framework to enable our customers to request urgent assistance.


Submit your urgent service request below

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