Using the Request Service page in the Compliance Portal

This article gives you an overview of the important sections related to the new and improved Request Service page.

1. Accessing the Request Service page

Access the page
  1. Click New work order, from the Compliance Portal dashboard (Home menu). 

  2. Enter the address to select the property. If you can't see the property, click Search for more suggestions.

If you've accessed this page from a specific property in your portfolio, any saved details will be loaded. 


2. Adding/confirming property details

Property details

In the Property Details section, important details about the property are displayed or can be provided, including:

  • Key number/availability;
  • Landlord details; and
  • Lease agreement details. 

In many cases, the information may already be shown (eg where your property management system is integrated). If data is there, please check accuracy and edit where required.  


Pro tip:

If you use API integration the property details are updated from your management software. If the details are incorrect, please update the property in your management software to ensure the changes are permanently saved.


3. Enrolling a property into a billing & services plan 


If you're a Victorian agency, your options are a little different.

In the Billing Plan section, you should go through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Select the billing plan
    You can select a Safer Home plan or a Pay-As-You-Go plan (for details on the difference, click here; then

  • Step 2: Select the services for enrolment
    Select the service(s) you wish to enrol and enter prior service dates (if any). Where this is a first-time service, select "no prior service date" from the drop-down menu. Ensure the prior service dates you provide are accurate as we will rely on them to calculate the timing for invoices, the amount of invoices, and the timing of the next services.

Safer Home subscription plan


Pay As You Go plan

Changing the number of gas appliances in a Safer Home plan

Suppose a property is already enrolled in a Safer Home plan which includes the gas safety service. In that case, you can upgrade or downgrade the existing plan by adjusting the number of gas appliances.

If you wish to unenroll the property from the gas safety service and downgrade the Safer Home plan, select None and indicate whether the property no longer has gas/gas appliances or the gas service is self-managed.

NSW, ACT, South Australia & Tasmania

If you're an agency in NSW, ACT, South Australia or Tasmania, then the billing plan is fixed as "post-pay" i.e. billing occurs after the service is completed. Where you know the prior service date, you can enter it into the field provided. It's important that the prior service date you provide is accurate as we will rely on it to calculate timing for the next service.


If you're a Queensland agency, your Billing Plan is most likely a "subscription" (though there are a few agencies who use post pay). You can now let us know if the property has an existing subscription and what the subscription end date is.

The subscription end date you provide must be accurate as we will rely on it to calculate the timing for the next subscription invoice.


4. Requesting an urgent service

How to request an urgent service

To request an urgent service:

  1. Select the Job Order Type.

    Job Order Type Description
    Standard A standard request is the most common type of request. Whether there is an urgent repair or a beeping smoke alarm. You can submit a standard request for us to look into the issue and provide a solution.
    New Tenancy (Smoke services in VIC, NSW, QLD & TAS only) For properties that have a new lease or change of tenancy, if the smoke alarms service hasn't been completed in over 12 months then a New Tenancy check will be required for the property.
    Warranty If we have serviced or installed a device or appliance. A warranty service can be requested if there are unforeseen issues with these installations. Based on your subscription or the exact issue at hand our team will review the request and make sure this is submitted to the correct area.
  2. Flag the job order as urgent. Toggle Yes in the Is this service request urgent? section to flag job order as urgent.

    Note: New Tenancy requests will automatically be flagged as urgent.

  3. Provide additional information.
    Select the Reason for urgency and provide any additional information in the Urgent Priority Notes section. You can also add Permanent Service Notes or Next Service Notes.

  4. Click Submit Request to finalise the service request.

    Once we receive an urgent job request, the relevant team will review the urgent status and endeavour to process it in accordance with the SLAs highlighted in our Urgent Jobs Framework.


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