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Changes to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (Vic) introduced mandatory gas safety checks at residential rental properties from 29 March 2021. Every two years, a gas safety check must be carried out by a Type A Appliance Servicing accredited gas fitter and must meet the requirements outlined in the Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021 ("Regulations").

We have worked closely and collaboratively with Energy Safe Victoria and Victorian Building Authority to ensure that our gas safety service meets all the requirements outlined in the Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021 ("Regulations").

Different elements of our gas safety check

1. Full service of all gas appliances connected to the main property gas supply

What’s involved? Duration (approx.) Why is it important?
  • Clean dust and debris from appliances including burner, pilot, fan, filters and air intakes
  • Check the integrity of the heat exchanger
  • Check the gas supply and appliance operating pressures
  • Check that the gas appliance burner ignition is reliable and complete
  • Check for any gas appliance flame abnormality
  • Check the operation of the gas appliance, including safety devices
  • Complete a combustion spillage (carbon monoxide) test on all heating appliances and internal, open flued appliances

2. Gas installation

What’s involved? Duration (approx.) Why is it important?
  • Check pressure retention on the main gas line
  • Ensure access for servicing & adjustment
  • Check that electrically safe
  • Check that gas installations, including gas cookers, are adequately restrained to avoid tipping over
  • Check that gas installations meet clearance requirements from any combustible surfaces
  • Where LPG cylinders are present, check that they and associated gas components are installed correctly
  • Check that there is adequate ventilation for appliances to act safely
  • Check that gas isolation valves are installed, as required
  • Check gas appliances for evidence of certification

Easy reference checklist

We have picked out the essential elements of the gas safety check from the respective standards and created the below checklist that set out the main checks and testing required in the plainest English we could.

We are aware that some other providers are failing to complete all the required tests. If you are not currently enrolled in our gas safety service, please ensure you ask them to validate that all of these checks, including a full service of each gas appliance, is included in the service provided.

  Click here to download our gas safety check easy reference checklist.



How to enrol in our gas safety service

If you are in Victoria and would like to enrol in our gas safety service, please complete the below form.

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