What's the difference between the Safer Home Plan and pay as you go services?

In Victoria, we offer services to meet owners' compliance needs on a "subscription" basis (we call this our Safer Home plan) or on a "pay as you go" basis.

Safer Home Plan vs pay as you go services - summary

  Safer Home Plan Pay As You Go
Discounted, consistent pricing Saving on the cost of individual services, smoothed into predictable, equal annual payments Pay per service, no discount, higher costs based on the service being completed 
Free callouts for certain faults Free callouts for beeping smoke alarms or faults in checked gas and electrical items including pilot light relights Callouts charged for gas/ electrical issues (except where subject to 12 month service guarantee)
Free parts/ rectification Free replacement parts such as standard light switches, power points, safety switches and thermocouples Pay for all replacement parts (unless warranty items)
Enduring protection Protection for urgent repairs on checked appliances Protection limited to 12 month warranty on services
More peace of mind Period of compliance and coverage begins on the date of enrolment and for the duration of the subscription period Period of compliance begins from the date the property is serviced


Pay as you go services

PAYG or pay-as-you-go services are charged at the below rates for individual services. The timing for delivery of those services is no quicker, but you do pay after we deliver the services. If there's an issue at your property prior to our visit, we can attend, but there would be an additional charge. When we deliver the electrical service, as an example, we typically need to replace a number of light switches, safety switches and power points. Under a PAYG plan, these would incur further fees.

Safer Home Plan

The 2-year compliance plan includes up to 4 services completed during the cycle (2x smoke alarm, 1x electrical and, where gas is active at the property, 1x gas safety check), the total cost of which is divided into two equal annual instalments.

Once enrolled, you pay the low, consistent annual fee regardless of which services are due. At the end of the 2-year period, your plan automatically renews.

Safer Home Plans include:


Free callouts
Free callouts for certain faults are included in our Safer Home plans. Other providers charge at least $100 for non-urgent callouts and even more out-of-hours or on weekends. Saving you wasted costs for common faults like beeping/sirening smoke alarms, pilot lights going out, and electrical faults such as power point or switch faults.
Free parts
With Safer Home plans, we include the cost of certain replacement parts, like standard power points, light switches, safety switches, smoke alarms and thermocouples. This means we can fix common problems on the spot without additional cost or hassle. Other providers are charging for parts and labour. We're including this as part of our service.
Consistent, predictable price
You pay the same low annual fee and leave the management of your compliance to us.
Urgent repairs capacity
Under the RTA, where certain significant, defined issues occur at your property, the tenant can incur up to $2,500 in costs to rectify them, without your approval. For example, if their heater failed during winter and there wasn't almost immediate progress toward resolution, then they have the right to engage their own supplier. With our capacity, systems and processes, we're best placed to address these types of issues and avoid unnecessary costs to you.


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