How can I stop a beeping smoke alarm?

Watch as Detector Inspector Smoke Alarm Technician demonstrates four troubleshooting tips to try if you have beeping smoke alarms.


Tip 1: Keep smoke alarms clean

Dirt and insects are very common reasons for smoke detectors going off inappropriately. Physical obstructions can interact with the sensor and cause your smoke alarm to activate.

For a quick solution, carefully dust and vacuum your smoke alarm to remove dirt. You can also spray insect repellent around the alarm (avoid spraying the alarm directly!) to deter bugs.

Tip 2: Ventilate for steam and fumes

Steam and cooking fumes can cause smoke alarms to go off. Shut bathroom and laundry doors to contain steam, use the exhaust fan when cooking and open up doors and windows for ventilation. If you’re using the toaster or another portable appliance, point them away from the smoke detector if possible.

Tip 3: Manage humidity

In high humidity, condensation can cause water vapours to form and cause the alarm to react as it would to smoke vapour. If you suspect this is happening you can dry the smoke alarm yourself by gently blowing a hair dryer through it to evaporate moisture.

Tip 4: Rapid air movement

Another common culprit is rapid air movement created by fans or fan heaters, so point portable fans, heaters, radiators and air conditioning ducts away from smoke alarms.

Tip 5: Power issues

The most common power issue is that the battery is low and needs to be replaced. Power surges can also cause hardwired smoke alarms to beep. It should resolve itself after the power issue has passed, but if not you can try resetting the power by flipping it off and on again at your circuit box.

In some areas of QLD and NSW, electricity suppliers inject an off-peak signal onto the network (a ‘ripple’) which can set off smoke alarms. If your smoke alarm beeps at the same time each day it could be this.

Important information to note

If the property you're residing in is enrolled in our smoke alarm safety service and your smoke alarm is beeping or chirping after trying the above-mentioned troubleshooting tips, please click here to request an urgent service.

Alternatively, call 1300 134 563 and one of our customer service team members will be on hand to book an urgent appointment and may be able to offer some additional troubleshooting advice.

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