Safer Home Plan - FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about our Safer Home plans. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to submit a request by clicking here.

Is a Safer Home 2-year compliance plan right for me?
The Safer Home plan has been designed to make compliance at your properties simple and give you peace of mind that you’re covered in the case of an incident. We have included a range of benefits to make the Safer Home plan an attractive choice for our customers. First, we have introduced split payments. After choosing the right plan for your property, we allow you to spread the total cost of all the safety checks required over the 2-year compliance plan in two equal annual instalments.

Second, it allows you as an owner to have the same, predictable fee each year as the pricing is fixed for the duration of the 2-year compliance plan. Third, it provides you with immediate protection as the coverage begins on the date of enrolment.

We have also added a raft of inclusions including free callouts for certain faults and some parts for issues with checked items that can save you hundreds of dollars in expensive fees. With your renters having rights around urgent repairs, knowing that we’re there when you or your renters need us and that you won’t be slugged with expensive call out fees is really valuable.
I've had all required services completed by another provider. Do I receive a complimentary coverage period?
A complimentary coverage period is available for properties that have had all required services completed and do not require services immediately.

Once enrolled onto a Safer Home compliance plan, your property is protected and eligible for all free inclusions. The invoice for the first instalment payment will only fall due 30 days prior to the next service due date, resulting in a “complimentary coverage period” until that date.
How does the Comply Now, Pay Later model work?
Similar to the ‘buy now, pay later’ models you may have seen in retail, Detector Inspector has taken the 2-year cost of the safety checks required and allowed you to split the payments into two equal instalments. The first is payable just before the next safety check is due, and the the second instalment is due 12 months later.
Are there discounts available if I own multiple properties?
Yes. For 4 or more properties, you will be eligible for a 5% discount. If you’re a block owner, for 10 or more apartments in a single block, you will be eligible for a 10% discount. In all cases, these discounts will be automatically applied and shown in your first instalment invoice.
What are the inclusions and exclusions of the Safer Home plans?
Unlike a once-off safety check with no additional benefits that local tradespeople/companies commonly provide, our Safer Home compliance plans provide enduring protection for your properties unless the plan is ended early.

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Do the compliance plans renew automatically?
Yes. Safer Home compliance plans renew automatically every 2 years.
If a plan is ended early, does the second annual instalment need to be immediately paid?
Yes. Early termination of the compliance plan prior to payment of the second annual instalment triggers an immediate obligation for payment of any remaining outstanding balance in accordance with our Cancellation Policy.

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How do I pay for the services?
We’re currently only offering this in respect of properties that are agency managed. We’ll therefore arrange payment via your agency in the usual way. If you’re a private landlord, we invite you to take advantage of our “pay-as-you-go” services. Click here for more information on pay-as-you-go services.
When will the services be carried out?
We will use best endeavours to complete the safety checks to ensure the ongoing compliance of your property with the RTA obligations. This means smoke alarm safety checks completed at least every year and electrical and gas safety checks completed at least every 2 years. Where the safety checks are to be done for the first time at the property, we will complete them as soon as practicable.
When do I pay the annual instalment fees?
The annual instalment is due 30 days prior to the next service due date and we’ll send an invoice via your agency in advance to give you time to pay. The 2nd instalment will be payable one year from this invoice date unless you end the plan early.

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