As a landlord, how do I cancel the Safer Home plan and request a refund?

This Refund Policy sets out how you as a landlord, are able to request a refund in respect of a cancelled Safer Home Plan subscription attaching to a property.

As per the Terms of Service, you may cancel the annual Safer Home Plan subscription attaching to your rental property ("Cancelled Property") at any time. The refundable amount (“Refundable Amount”) (if any) of a cancelled Safer Home Plan’s subscription fees actually paid in respect of the current subscription period (“Current Period Subscription Fee”) will be payable in accordance with the policy set out below. 

The Terms of Service will continue to apply to this Refund Policy.  For clarity, if a property is or becomes a Cancelled Property, it will also be deemed to be an Excluded Property (as that term is defined in the Terms of Service). Any warranties, acknowledgments, obligations and representations under the Terms of Service that apply to an Excluded Property will be construed to apply to the Cancelled Property under this Refund Policy.


Refund Policy

Where a Safer Home Plan is cancelled prior to the end of a subscription period, the property owner may request a partial refund using the form below.

The Refundable Amount will be calculated as the lesser of:

  • The Current Period Subscription Fee x (days remaining in current subscription period/365); and

  • The Current Period Subscription Fee – (Service Value of all Services Provided during the current subscription period).

Service Value

For the purposes of calculating the Service Value of a Service, the full price of the individual service will be used, as published on the Detector Inspector website from time to time. Any discounts provided as part of the Safer Home Plan, or in respect of any other discounts offered, will be disregarded for the purposes of calculating the Services Value.

Services Provided

Services Provided includes any Service that is partially provided.

Time to process

Once submitted, this form will be reviewed by our team and any refund amount shall be paid within 10 business days. You may be contacted by a Detector Inspector team member to discuss this matter further, but regardless, the time frame for a refund will not change. 

Obligation to provide accurate data

It is your responsibility to ensure all details provided in the form below are accurate, complete and up to date. Detector Inspector will only be responsible for paying approved refunds in accordance with the instructions provided in the form below. Any refunds paid by us shall represent a full and final settlement of all amounts owed to you, and otherwise discharge any and all responsibilities owed by us to you in respect of the Cancelled Property, as per our Terms of Service.

Please complete the form below and any refund amount shall be paid within 10 business days.



This Refund Policy was last updated on 23 November 2022

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