Onboarding properties onto a Safer Home plan from a different provider

When enrolling a property previously serviced by a different provider, we rely on the property's prior service dates to:

  • Determine the timing and amount of invoices, taking into account the next service date.
  • Assess the property's eligibility for a free subscription period.
  • Minimise inconvenience and onboard the property onto their ongoing subscription plan.

When using the Request Service page in the Compliance Portal to enrol a property, you will be able to see this information in the Billing Plan section.  

Billing Plan section for Safer Home subscription plans

At its core, based on the prior service dates you enter, the Enrolment Summary will dynamically update to reflect relevant information including: 

Complimentary period

A property may receive a complementary period where no service is due for some time. In that scenario, there will be no charge during the complimentary subscription period.

However, a property that has a free complimentary period will still be protected by a Safer Home plan and as such, will still be eligible for the free inclusions.

Paid subscription period 

Once a complimentary subscription period expires, to continue the protection and benefits of the Safer Home plan, the relevant annual subscription fee will be payable.

The Enrolment Summary specifies the commencement date of the payable subscription period and indicates when to expect the corresponding invoice sent by us.

Billing AP.png


When will the services be carried out?

The services will be carried out in line with the mandatory service schedule. Where some or all the checks have been carried out by a different provider to Detector Inspector, the prior service dates provided will be used to set the next due dates.

Pro tip:

One of the advantages of a subscription is that the annual recurring fees are the same regardless of when the services are completed. While other providers may leave servicing to the last minute and face challenges, Detector Inspector can plan ahead and do services early to ensure they are completed and compliance is maintained, without any additional cost to the owner.

When will the invoice be payable?
In your Enrolment Summary, it sets out the timing of subscriptions, invoices and payments. The first payment aligns with the start of the paid subscription period and will typically be due one month prior to the next service due date. An invoice will be sent around 45 days prior to that date.
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