Viewing Service Reports, Service Dates, and Compliance Documents within Property Tree

At Detector Inspector, we understand the challenges property managers face in keeping track of critical pieces of information. That's why we're excited to introduce a seamless solution that simplifies your property management workflow.

We'll walk you through the process of effortlessly accessing and viewing service reports, service dates, and compliance documents directly within Property Tree. Our innovative integration empowers you to stay organised, save time, and ensure that you're always up-to-date with the latest service reports and certificates.

If you use Property Tree and have already set up integration with our compliance portal, follow the steps below to start using this exciting new feature.

①   Set up additional settings required in Property Tree

In Property Tree, you'll need to set up new compliance categories. This will allow us to send our relevant service information to the correct area.

To get you started Property Tree already has the Smoke Alarm service set up. Follow the instructions below to add additional service compliance categories to Property Tree.

  1. From the Property Tree dashboard, click the Configuration icon (  ).   
  2. Click Property Compliance Category in the Management Tasks area.
  3. Click the + button to add a new category.
  4. Add the following categories as required:

    Compliance Name Compliance Type Frequency
    Electrical safety check General 24
    Gas safety check General 24
    Water efficiency check General  
    Corded blinds safety check General  
    Note: Make sure to enter the Compliance Name exactly as it is displayed above. The Frequency is not required for the integration to work but can be entered.
②   Reach out to your Account Manager
Once the Property Compliance Categories have been set up, reach out to your Account Manager to enable this new feature.


Once you've been set up by your Account Manager, any new service reports and compliance certificates will begin to synchronise with Property Tree. 

Viewing Service Reports, Service Dates, and Compliance documents in Property Tree

From the property card in Property Tree, you can click the Compliance or Documents tab.


The Compliance tab will display the compliance history.

Once the service is completed and a service report is available it will be displayed in the Compliance History section. The last service date, an attached PDF and any service notes will be shown here.

A placeholder for upcoming services will be created in the Register which lists the estimated next service date.

Notes will be added if required when the service report is delivered.

compliance history.png


The Documents tab will display service reports for any further works or warranty jobs. Additionally, any certificates such as the certificate of electrical safety will be displayed here.



How often will these reports be uploaded to Property Tree?
When a new service report or compliance certificate is available this will be imported overnight and displayed in the property tree system on the next day.
Can historical information be imported?
Only service sheets and compliance certificates generated after the setup will be uploaded to Property Tree. Historical data will not be transferred. However, you can request a one-time import of the last 24 months data. We don't recommend this for agencies who have been using Property Tree to manage their compliance categories previously as data conflicts can occur. Chat with your account manager about your import options.
Do I need to create all Compliance Categories?
Smoke Alarms is the default category that’s set up for all clients on Property Tree.

Gas, Electrical & Corded blinds safety check are default categories for new Property Tree clients only. For clients using Property Tree before September 2023, these categories need to be created manually. (if necessary)
What notes are included?
  • [Smoke alarm specific] Quantity & Types of smoke detectors serviced
  • When a scheduled service requires further work
  • When a certificate is required
  • [QLD smoke alarm specific] indicates if the property has been upgraded
  • [NSW smoke alarm specific] indicates if there is a replaceable battery

Any existing notes in the register will be replaced with the notes imported.

My category is called Migrated Smoke Alarms, what does this mean?
The new Smoke Alarms category will be used going forward. Any Migrated Smoke Alarm pending item in the register will be closed off on the first upload of the new Smoke Alarm category.
What are the PDF file naming conventions?
Service Document/ Service Type Naming convention
Smoke Alarms Standard DI_SA_SS_ddmmyyyy
Full service DI_SA_FS_ddmmyyyy
New/ inter tenancy request DI_SA_IBT_ddmmyyyy
Legislation upgrade DI_SA_Upg_ddmmyyyy
Standard Warranty/ Re-attendance



Further work DI_SA_FW_ddmmyyyy
Site Inspection DI_SA_SI_ddmmyyyy
Certificate DI_SA_CERT_ddmmyyyy
Gas Standard DI_G_SS_ddmmyyyy
Standard Warranty/ Re-attendance



Site Inspection DI_G_SI_ddmmyyyy
Further work DI_G_FW_ddmmyyyy
Certificate DI_G_CERT_ddmmyyyy
Electrical Standard DI_E_SS_ddmmyyyy
Standard Warranty/ Re-attendance



Site Inspection DI_E_SI_ddmmyyyy
Further work DI_E_FW_ddmmyyyy
Certificate DI_E_CERT_ddmmyyyy
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