Servicing appliances on rooftops

At Detector Inspector, we follow the Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) requirements. As such, we expect our staff to follow all legal requirements for servicing appliances located on a roof space in line with Worksafe directions.

Our approach to handling complex situations

Many properties have appliances located with no provision to access during our standard safety check.

When there is no internal access via a hatch or balcony and no permanent means of access available, we will need to send our specially trained ‘working at heights’ technicians to access the appliance. Specialist access and safety equipment, as well as additional time on-site, are required to carry out these works. We would therefore need to attend as a charged visit.

In the case of an inaccessible ducted heater, our technicians will still perform any possible operational or safety checks (e.g., CO testing at the heater outlets), and report on any issues.


Examples of appliances and equipment required

Examples of properties with a solar hot water unit or an external ducted heater unit on the rooftop, with no internal access via a roof hatch, skylight balcony, or a permanent means of access.

Access to the rooftop would be via a double-length extension ladder from ground level straight up to the roof from the front of the property.

This would require a specialist working at heights team who carries longer ladders, ladder anchor points and safety harnesses, and also work in pairs so a second technician can foot the ladder and/or provide assistance wherever required.


How to proceed

If you would like us to service this appliance as a once-off or ongoing, please email us at and we can provide a quote based on the property circumstances.

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