Smoke Alarm Categorisation

October 2023

We're excited to share some important changes regarding smoke alarms which have been introduced based on valuable feedback and to ensure clarity in line with legislation requirements, such as Interconnection.

During our Smoke Alarm Service, our technicians will now categorise alarms as Required for Compliance, Required for Safety, or Excess to Requirements. Below we summarise what each of these categories means.

🟢  Required for Compliance 

Required for Compliance smoke alarms are essential installations mandated by legislation. They ensure that your residential properties meet all safety regulations. These alarms are designed to detect smoke and provide early warnings, significantly reducing the risk of injuries or fatalities in case of a fire. It's important to note that properties built from 2014 now require interconnected smoke alarms as per the National Construction Code (NCC). This change in categorisation allows us to clearly identify which alarms need to be interconnected based on the construction code legislation.

🔴  Required for Safety 
Required for Safety smoke alarms surpass the legal requirements and are installed for additional safety measures. They enhance the overall safety of your properties by addressing specific risks or providing heightened protection. For example, we often install safety-specific alarms in areas where a door blocks a hallway. By placing an alarm on the other side of the door, we can improve the timely detection of smoke and promptly alert occupants.
🔵  Excess to Requirements 
Excess to Requirements smoke alarms have been voluntarily installed in properties to provide added safety. They are particularly beneficial in larger properties, additional living spaces, or areas with specific fire risks. One common location where alarms that are not required may be installed is in Bedrooms. Although not mandated by legislation, smoke alarms in bedrooms can play a vital role in early detection and quick response to fire emergencies.

Smoke categorisation - new entry.png

By categorising smoke alarms in this manner, we aim to provide you with clarity and compliance, while also addressing any additional safety needs specific to each property. It's essential to understand the distinctions between these categories to determine the appropriate installation requirements and ensure the utmost safety for your tenants.

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