How do we notify tenants of bookings?

In conjunction with the managing agency or owner, we receive the tenant details and contact preferences.

The agency contact preference will determine if we call the tenant directly to make a booking or create the booking via an entry notification which will outline the booking date and proposed time.

We also send SMS notifications prior to attending a property both 24 hours and 48 hours in advance.

What are Entry Notifications?

The purpose of an entry notification is to uphold the rights and privacy of tenants while allowing landlords or property managers to fulfil their obligations. It ensures that tenants are aware of any upcoming visits to the property and can prepare accordingly. Entry notifications will be delivered by e-mail or post, and the tenant has the option to organise a scheduled booking if they are unhappy with the proposed booking time. Keys will be picked up from the managing agency and used to enter the property.

Under the relevant tenancy laws in Australia, the specific requirements for entry notifications can vary between states and territories.



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