What certificates do we provide as part of our service?

At Detector Inspector we provide a service report for all work done. Included in this service report will be any required certificates for the work completed.

What certificates do we provide?



A compliance certificate must be issued in the following circumstances:

  • where the total value of work (including materials, appliances, labour and GST) exceeds $750
    Note: The cost of materials and appliances must be included, regardless of whether they were supplied by another person.
  • for the following types of plumbing work, regardless of the total value of the work:
    o the installation, relocation or replacement of any Type A gas-using appliances, regardless of the cost
    Note: Complex gas installation and Type B appliances are not covered by the VBA's compliance certificate scheme. This work is overseen by Energy Safe Victoria.
    o the conversion of a gas-using appliance for use with a different gaseous fuel
    o the installation, modification or relocation of consumer gas piping (other than work carried out on behalf of a gas company)

The Electricity Safety Act 1998 and Electricity Safety (General) Regulations 2019 require a Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES) to be issued for all electrical installation work. If there is no electrical installation a certificate will not be provided.

Water Efficiency

In NSW and Queensland, landlords have to prove that their property complies with minimum water efficiency standards if they want to pass on water usage charges to their tenants.
The Service Report will include the results of the water efficiency check if you have requested the water efficiency service. (no certificate is required by legislation, just a document advising of the results) Find out more about the Water Efficiency service.


How do I view the certificate?

When a certificate is required, we will attach the certificate to the service sheet. When viewing the service sheet, there will be a download certificate option in the header. (shown below)


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