Heater - Energy Efficient - Minimum Standards

Rental properties must have a fixed heater (not portable) in good working order in the main living area. If a fixed heater has not been installed in the main living area by 29 March 2021, the rental provider must install an energy-efficient heater.

From 29 March 2023, the heater must also meet energy efficiency standards. This means that if a renter enters into a rental agreement from 29 March 2023, there must be a fixed energy-efficient heater in the main living area. If there is an existing fixed heater that is not energy efficient, the rental provider must upgrade it.

An energy-efficient fixed heater must be one of the following:

  • a non-ducted air conditioner or heat pump with a 2-star or above energy rating
  • a gas space heater with a 2-star or above energy rating
  • ducted heating or hydronic heating system with an outlet in the main living area
  • a domestic solid fuel burning appliance, such as a fireplace or wood-burning stove


Where can I find more information about this legislation?

More information on this legislation can be found by checking the Rental Properties Minimum Standards

What do Detector Inspector technicians check?
Our technicians will check the appliance and take a photo of the energy efficiency sticker. If no energy-efficient sticker exists, we can’t confirm the efficiency of the appliance. 
How can I identify the type of heater installed in my home?
If you are unsure about the type of heater already installed in the home, there are some easy ways to determine the most common heater types.
  • Does the heater have a flame or ignite when you turn it on? This is a gas heater.
  • Is there a heater that can also be used as an air conditioner? If unsure, the controller will have two operating modes that you can change (sometimes, this will use a ‘sun’ icon). This is a reverse-cycle air conditioner. Reverse-cycle air conditioners can have outlets in one room or multiple rooms.
  • Does the heater heat only one room or the whole house? A heater that heats only one room is a space heater. A heater that has heating ducts in more than one room is a ducted heater.
  • You may also have an operating manual that will tell you more about the heater.
  • You can find information on your heater’s star rating here:
    Gas – https://www.aga.asn.au/directory/
    Electric – www.energyrating.gov.au

What can happen if I don't install an energy-efficient heater?

If the property does not meet minimum standards, the renter can request that the rental provider make repairs or changes before signing the agreement or before they move in.

If a rental agreement has been signed but the renter has not moved in yet, and the property does not meet minimum standards, the renter can:

  • end the rental agreement immediately without fees by notifying the rental provider that the property does not meet minimum standards.
  • move in any way, then make a request for urgent repairs.

If a property falls below minimum standards at any time during a rental agreement, the renter can make a request for urgent repairs to meet the standards.

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