Do you update service reports for work completed by an external contractor?


When works are completed by an independent contractor, we are unable to confirm if the completed works are compliant and cannot amend our service report.


However, we can upload the third party's compliance certificate to our system for record-keeping purposes, so you are able to view this in your agency portal. 



How do I send the compliance certificate or proof of completion to Detector Inspector?

Please email and include:

  • Property address

  • PDF copy of the compliance certificate

  • Service report reference number

How do I view third-party documents in the Agency Portal?
Once we have been sent the compliance certificate, we attach this document to the related service report. You can view this document by opening the service report in your agency portal.

  1. Click Service Reports & Quotes from the navigation menu.


  2. Click View or Viewed to open the service report. 

  3. At the bottom of the service report, any supporting documents uploaded will be displayed.


Why don't Detector Inspector update service reports?

When it comes to providing compliant Service Reports for works completed by our technicians, we do follow stringent processes and procedures to ensure all properties are left safe and compliant and as such, we are unable to sign off on the work of external contractors. 

The cost of providing a compliance certificate is also factored into the quotations we provide for all rectification and installation works. 

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