Victoria - Switchboard upgrade service

The situation

From 29 March, 2023, the minimum standard for electrical switchboards required under the Residential Tenancies Act (Vic) 1997 is changing.

From that date, rental properties must have modern style switchboards with circuit breakers and safety switches for all power outlets and lighting circuits. If a switchboard hasn’t been upgraded to this standard by the deadline, it will fail to meet the minimum standards (any property that has started a new lease or had a lease convert from fixed term to periodic since 29 March, 2021 is subject to minimum standards under the RTA).

This means:

  • Renters can terminate the lease without notice or penalty prior to moving in; and
  • In any current lease, from that date, the renter can request a switchboard upgrade as an “urgent repair” and incur up to $2,500 in costs failing to respond to that request.
    Any property that has started a new lease or had a lease convert from fixed term to periodic since 29 March, 2021 is subject to minimum standards under the RTA.

Our solution

  • Starting at $539 +GST. All switchboard upgrade quotations include associated inspector’s fees and prescribed certificates (as required)
  • 6-year workmanship guarantee and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on all products
  • Guaranteed same-day reconnection following an upgrade
  • 105 employed electricians who can perform critical upgrades at scale right across Victoria

Enrol now

By engaging Detector Inspector for the switchboard upgrade, we’ll guarantee same day reconnection in almost all cases. The only exceptions would be where the switchboard upgrade process uncovers asbestos or other pre-existing faults not previously identified.

Important points to note

  1. Sometimes, the upgraded switchboard will be a different size to the existing one. This may require patching and painting that is excluded from our service and would be the responsibility of the owner.
  2. The introduction of safety switches may uncover pre-existing faults in the electrical wiring, fittings or appliances that will incur additional costs for owners to rectify.
  3. Asbestos was used in many switchboards prior to 1990. Where asbestos is identified in the existing switchboard, a specialist asbestos contractor must be engaged to make it safe.
  4. Your renters will suffer some inconvenience due to power outage at the property. We will make this clear to them.

What’s the process to upgrade a switchboard?

Where Detector Inspector has completed its comprehensive electrical safety check, the requirement for a switchboard upgrade will have been identified, as well as any additional work required at the property.

We can also upgrade the switchboard at properties that have not yet had an electrical safety check, though there are some important things to be aware of (as mentioned above).

To upgrade the switchboard, one of our employed, qualified and trained electricians will disconnect the power to the property. The installation usually takes around 2 hours to complete.

Did you know...

Once a switchboard upgrade is completed, the power cannot be reconnected to the switchboard unless and until the work has been signed off by a qualified electrical inspector. This is an Energy Safe Victoria requirement and failure to complete this step could be unsafe, renders the upgrade noncompliant and exposes the agency and rental provider to potential breach of duty under the RTA and fines of up to ~$55,000 per breach.

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