How to upload outstanding invoices to the Compliance Portal


Available to all current clients with Property Tree, PropertyMe, and Managed App integration who have granted relevant permissions. This feature removes the need to manually process and review invoices and pushes outstanding invoices directly into the trust system.

Integrated clients can utilise the Compliance Portal as a centralised place to review and approve outstanding invoices so they can be pushed through to disbursement.


Allocate a team member to set up a weekly task and take responsibility for uploading outstanding invoices to Property Tree or PropertyMe via the Compliance Portal.


Enabling the invoice upload feature

The invoice upload feature won't be accessible until the invoicing permission is enabled on the Integration page.

  1. Set up Detector Inspector as a creditor in Property Tree or PropertyMe or a supplier in Managed App.
  2. Contact your account manager and let them know that Detector Inspector has been added as a creditor and you'd like this feature enabled.
  3. Your account manager will then turn on invoicing permission on the Integration page and add the creditor (Detector Inspector) and description.

Getting started

Visit the "Outstanding Invoice Summary" page to access all invoices yet to be paid. Use the below filters to toggle between different views. 

  • To be Uploaded (Default): All outstanding invoices yet to be uploaded to the property management software.
  • Uploaded: Invoices that have been uploaded to the property management software.
  • Pending Integration: Outstanding invoices for properties that are yet to be synced via Integration.

How to upload an individual or all outstanding invoices

To upload an individual invoice, click the respective mceclip0.png button located on the right-hand side of the table.  


To upload all un-uploaded outstanding invoices at once:

  1. Click the "To be Uploaded" filter located at the top
  2. Tick select all button
  3.  Click the "Upload" button located on the top right-hand side corner


Please note

The upload button is not available for properties that are yet to be synced with the property management software. However, you can download a PDF version of the invoice by clicking the download PDF button and manually adding the invoice to the portal directly. The upload feature will become available once synchronisation is complete.


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