How to set up Integration with your property management software

Integration is a game-changing system feature that allows us to connect with major property management software.

Why you should set up Integration

  • It automatically updates all relevant information including tenant details, new key numbers, lost management, property managers and more
  • It allows us to identify compliance gaps in your portfolio and develop reports to:
    • Gauge your compliance rate vs your network (or other comparators)
    • Identify property managers with the best (and worst) compliance performance to assist in the weekly management of portfolio compliance
  • It has the ability to push invoices directly into the property management software, eliminating the need for you to enter them individually

Please note

If you're looking to set up Integration for the first time or have any questions about your current Integration set up please click the below button to enquire.

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Setting up Integration

Finding the Integration information in the Agency Portal

All Integration-related information can be found by visiting the API Integration page.

From the Admin menu, choose API Integration.


Getting started with Integration

Once visited, on the right, you will see a list of property management software that Detector Inspector integrates with and different elements you will be able to sync.


Please note: we also integrate with Property Tree.

If you see yours in the list, click "Click here to update to [software name]" to get started.



Configuring your existing integration

You will be able to easily recognise which property management software is currently integrated with our system by referring to the "Currently Selected Software" section.



If your preferred software is already integrated with us, you will be able to configure the integration features by clicking the "Change Integration Features" button. Then select or unselect any integration permissions you'd like to be enabled for the agency. 



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