What’s included in our corded blinds safety service?

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Available as an add-on to an annual smoke alarm safety service, Detector Inspector’s corded blind safety service ensures that blinds, window coverings and fittings are correctly secured and labelled in accordance with the mandatory safety standards and relevant state-based legislation.

Due to the potential strangulation hazard, landlords are required to ensure that all corded window coverings are properly fitted and maintained in accordance with the Competition and Consumer (Corded Internal Window Coverings) Safety Standard 2014 which came into effect on 1/01/2015.

An overview of our annual corded blind safety service

Inclusions Pricing Availability
Safety and compliance check
The service will ensure that all blinds, window coverings and fittings are correctly secured and labelled in accordance with all relevant legislation
Free replacement
Free replacement or installation of missing or damaged cleats, cord guides, warning labels and swing tags
Digital records
Includes time, date and GPS tracked photos of each corded blind at the property
Service report
A digital Service Report detailing the property's compliance with all applicable corded blind related legislation
Cord Shortening
Cord shortening for beaded metal chains

What to expect from our corded blind safety service

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Key takeaways from The Corded Blind Safety Standards 2014


Must be installed at least 1600 mm above floor level.

A cord guide

Must be installed in such a way that a loose cord cannot form a loop 220 mm or longer at less than 1,600 mm above floor level.

No part of a cord guide may be installed lower than 1,600 mm above floor level unless:

(a) the cord guide will remain firmly attached to a wall or other structure specified in the installation instructions when subjected to a tension force of 70 N applied in any direction for 10 seconds: and

(b) the cord is sufficiently secured or tensioned to prevent the formation of a loop 220 mm or longer.


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