Key Management page: effortlessly manage the key collection process using the latest information about key statuses, key groups and more

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The new Key Management page in the Agency Portal gives you an overview of the key schedule on a rolling 7-day week, scheduled pickups, real-time information about key statuses and much more. This page also replaces the Key Pick Up’s Reports / Key Confirmation pages.


To access the Key Management page, click on "Keys" from the top menu navigation and choose "Key Management" from the dropdown menu.


Key summary section


The date picker/summary section located at the top of the page shows you at a glance, on a rolling 7-day week, the total number of:

  • keys that are scheduled for a particular day;
  • scheduled pickups by our technicians; and
  • unconfirmed keys by the agency. 

This section also lets you download a printable key summary which shows you the number of keys yet to be confirmed by the agency.


Key management table

Based on the date you've chosen from the date picker/summary section, this table provides additional information about the scheduled keys such as property/tenant details for the key, key groups, notification type and real-time updated information about the key status.

Importantly, it allows you to confirm or cancel any key pickup as well.


Confirming or cancelling a key pick up

The "ready to collect today" column will allow you to confirm the status of a key 24-hours prior by choosing one of the four actions from the "please confirm" dropdown menu. Once selecting the option you will need to choose confirm changes at the bottom of the page to save the selections.

Screenshot 2024-02-02 105659.png

These options are:

  • Key is ready for collection
    • Ready to collect (Key is available and ready)
  • Key is not available for this booking:
    • Cancel booking (The tenant will be notified that the agency has cancelled the booking as the key was not available for the day. The tenant will be contacted to book an appointment)


  • No key for this property:
    • Cancel booking (The tenant will be notified that there is no key for this property. The key number will be removed from the portal and the tenant will be contacted to book an appointment)


  • Tenant Home:
    • Alternate access (By choosing this option you acknowledge the tenant will be home on the day and will be able to provide access to the property to complete the service. The tenant will receive an SMS notification advising of the booking)
      Screenshot 2024-02-02 103926.png


Editing the key number

You can now edit the key number for any property by clicking on the edit key number button in the Key Management table.




Please note

If your agency is integrated you will need to edit the key number on your property management software as this will overwrite the information changed in the Detector Inspector system.

Mark all keys as ready

You can also click on the "mark all keys ready" button located next to the "ready to collect today" text to confirm that all scheduled pickups are available and ready for collection.

Please make sure to click the "Confirm changes" button located below the table after any actions are made to the "ready to collect" column. This will provide a summary of the changes while requesting you to confirm again.


Important information to note

Once you click the Confirm button located on the bottom right-hand side of the popup, you will no longer be able to make changes to the keys that are either ready to collect or will be cancelled.


Notification types and sharing them with the recipient

The "Notification type" column in the table will provide you with information about how Detector Inspector has arranged a particular key job. The two types of notifications are entry notifications (ENs) and tenant key requests. 

To view a particular entry notification that has been sent to the tenant, simply click "Entry notification" and it will open a pop up showing you a copy of the EN.Screen_Shot_2022-02-07_at_3.54.15_pm.jpg

From here, you can also download a copy and reshare it with a tenant by clicking on the "Download" button located on the top right-hand side corner.   


New key grouping filter

The key group column will show you how many groups of keys an agency should be arranging for a scheduled key pickup. You can use the filter option to get an overview of which keys are allocated to which group and the number of groups will correlate with the number of scheduled key pickups for the day.

Any information regarding key groups will also be available to the arriving technician which can be accessed via the technician mobile app. 


As it provides real-time information about the key groups and statuses, we recommend logging in the morning to see the upcoming scheduled key pickups for the day.

Any changes that have been made to the key groups will be highlighted in the "Important information section" located on the right-hand side of the table.

Key status and important information relating to a key

The "key status" column will show where the key is and it's status in real-time. These statuses include:

  • Not Confirmed = the agency hasn't confirmed that the key is ready for collection. Any key that has not been confirmed will still retain the booking and a technician will likely arrive to collect it
  • Ready for pickup = the key is ready to be picked up by our technicians
  • Checked Out = a technician has collected the key from the agency 
  • Returned = the key has been safely returned to the agency
  • Cancelled = the agency has cancelled the key pickup

The "important information" column will show any changes made to that key/property including:

  • Changes to the key group
  • Cancellations from tenant/Detector Inspector
  • Bookings converted to appointments

Please note

When keys are not available, tenant communications will be updated to advise the tenant that whilst the key is not available the booking will be converted to a door knock and our technicians will attempt to still service the property.


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