How to check if a gas fitter has a Type A servicing accreditation

Energy Safe Victoria recommends that gas safety checks must be carried out by a gas plumber with a specialisation in Type A Appliance Servicing.

If a service check is completed by an unlicenced plumber, the implications can be severe.

To check the qualifications of any gas fitter, visit the VBA's Practitioner Verification portal by clicking here. You can look up the gas fitter by their name or ID.


Once searched, it will present you with a list of valid accreditations in different classes. A qualified Type A gas fitter must hold one of the following:

  • Licence - Type A appliance servicing work - [Current]
  • Registration accreditation - Type A appliance servicing work - [Current]
  • In-Training accreditation for Type A appliance servicing work - [Current]


To learn more about the different classes of plumbing work, please visit the VBA's plumbing registration and licensing web page.


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