Access to live electrical parts

Faulty or damaged equipment can cause serious harm to people and property. A small cracked switch or power point might look like it’s not a big deal, however should circumstances present it self with the unthinkable, a small crack could cause electrocution resulting in death.

Arching of a faulty switches and power points will lead to heat generation that can cause an electrical house fire. These fires are often undetected until it is too late to do anything about it and the loss of the property and all the valuables inside is imminent.

Moisture can portray through cracks and gaps on the cover resulting in a person receiving an electric shock. The switch mechanism itself can fall apart, giving access to live parts where our innocent kids even pets can get seriously harmed.

Switchboard covers and fuse wedges in older installations are often overlooked and forgotten but are equally as dangerous. Exposed wires and open, even taped up fuse bases present a risk for tenants to receive an accidental electric shock when trying to replace a blown fuse.

Do not leave it to chance. Fix faulty and damaged electrical parts immediately and protect life.

Here are some examples of non compliant and dangerous electrical parts.











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