Fact Sheet: Printed Circuit Board

What is a PC Board?

A PCB is a thin board made of fibreglass, composite epoxy, or other laminate material. Conductive pathways are etched onto the board, connecting different components on the PCB, such as transistors, resistors, and integrated circuits.

PCB stands for "Printed Circuit Board."

If an appliance has a faulty PC board, the appliance can work intermittently. 

What can cause a PC board to fault?

  • Normal component ageing
  • Excessive heat
  • Over or under voltage surges and sags
  • Rises in ESR (equivalent series resistance) values
  • Corrosion and drying 

Things to know when replacing a PC board

PC board replacements are not a straight forward repair. Often when a PC board is faulty, there is no way for the technician to further diagnosis any potential issues/faults with that appliance. This is due to the PC board working intermittently and not being able to finish a full cycle. Often the appliance will shut down due to the fault with the board before all other components can be tested. This means we may replace the board, only to find out there is another fault. 

There is always a level of risk associated with replacing a PC board that all landlords should understand before deciding to replace this part. 

Example of a PC board. 


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