Fact Sheet: Appliance Gas Regulators

What is a Gas Regulator?

A gas regulator is used to maintain a uniform gas supply pressure to an appliance. They ensure the appliance is not over or under pressurised, and they can normally be adjusted to provide a specific pressure. Each appliance has a gas pressure set by the manufacturer needed to ensure safe and correct operations.


Why is it important that a Gas Regulator is accessible for testing and servicing?

We’ve had plenty of feedback regarding the frequent quoting for inaccessible gas regulators. The simple fact is that if our gas fitters can’t test the gas pressure on a gas appliance, then they can’t certify its compliance. Unfortunately, many appliances were installed before the need for regular checks was legislated and we’ve identified it as an issue more than 5,000 times since the Regulations passed.

We can confirm that the ESV and VBA agree that an appliance must be labelled non-compliant if it can’t be tested.

We’ve added a Help Centre article on the gas regulator topic. Please read it to learn why a gas regulator has to be accessible, when we can (and can’t) adjust it during the service and see photos that highlight the issues faced.


What are the risks of not having the Gas Regulator installed in an accessible location?

If the Gas Regulator has not been installed in an accessible location, a gas fitter cannot test the pressure to the appliance is correct. Gas pressure set too high or too low makes the flame prone to fluctuations which have the potential for the flame to extinguish, causing unburnt gas to spill. In rare circumstances, incorrectly set pressures may result in carbon monoxide being emitted.


Is my gas appliance non-compliant if the regulator cannot be tested/serviced?

Yes, the appliance is non-compliant. Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021 mandate ‘that gas appliances and their components are accessible for servicing and adjustment’. Inability to access the Gas Regulator also means we cannot check for correct gas operating pressures. Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021 also require ‘a check of the gas supply and appliance operating pressures’.



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