Documents tab: find and share Invoices, Quotes and Service Reports for each property in the Agency Portal

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Our Documents tab, consolidates current and past Invoices, Quotes and Service reports for each property.

How to access the documents page

  1. To access the property profile, search for the property or click on the property address from the Bookings, Service Reports & Quotes, or Portfolio pages.

  2. Click the Documents button located on the top left.


  3. The Documents page will appear. To filter the documents, choose the relevant option from the Document Type dropdown or use the search function.


Emailing a Service Report together with a pending Quote to a landlord

You can email any Service Report to the landlord directly from the Documents tab. Additionally, where there is a pending Quote relating to a Service Report you can email both to the landlord from the Documents tab.

  1. Click the envelope icon to email the relevant Service Report or pending Quote.


  2. Ensure the details are correct. A popup will be presented containing the default details for the landlord. If the details are incorrect, you can enter the correct details manually.

    If there is a quote awaiting approval you can toggle Yes or No to include the quotation when the Service Report is sent. 


  3. Click Send to email the Service Report or Quote (if included).

Pro tip:

If you'd rather send the email yourself, put your own email address in the email field and then forward it to the landlord from your own email account.


Sharing a Service Report using a Digital Link

As an alternative to the above option, you can also share a Service Report or Quote using its Digital Link.

Pro tip:

The digital versions of Service Reports & Quotes have richer information including links and other content (and they look better too!). Consider sending the digital links rather than the PDFs for the best experience for your landlords.


  1. Click View or Viewed next to the corresponding Service Report or Quote. A preview will appear on the right-hand side.

  2. Click on the Copy Digital Link button located in the top right-hand side corner.


  3. Now that the link is copied, you may share it with the relevant stakeholders.


Downloading document(s) as a PDF

    1. Select invoices by using the check box located on the left of the table. Selected item(s) will be highlighted in yellow.

    2. Click Download PDF located on the top right of the table. A ZIP file will be downloaded containing a PDF of all the selected documents.


    3. To preview a document prior to downloading, click the view button to open it in the right panel. Click the PDF icon located on the top left-hand side to download it.



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