Smoke alarm user manual - Generic Detachable 10yr Lithium

This manual contains the following sections:

Important Safety Information

  1. Test smoke alarm monthly using the ‘TEST’ button to ensure proper
  2. If the alarm sounds, and it is not being tested, it means the unit detected smoke. The sound of the alarm requires your immediate attention and action.
  3. Before using the Silence function, identify the source of the smoke and make sure you are safe. After a 10-minute silence, the unit will resume normal operation.
  4. Do not use an open flame to test your alarm.

Battery Specification

This smoke alarm contains a non-removable battery. Once the battery loses charge replace the entire smoke alarm.

Maintenance and Cleaning

This alarm requires periodic cleaning to remove dust, dirt, and debris. Use a vacuum cleaner or soft brush. Clean all sides and covers. Clear the immediate area surrounding the alarm.

Practice Fire Safety

If the alarm sounds, and you have not pushed the test button, it is warning of a dangerous situation, your immediate response is necessary. To prepare for such occurrences, develop a family escape, discuss your fire plan with all household members, and practice it regularly.

Testing the Smoke Alarm

  1. Test any alarm by depressing the button on the face OR by using artificial smoke.
    • When tested, the tested alarm will sound as though there is smoke present; this will occur for a few moments before triggering Slave alarms.
  2. Post-test: Slaves will flash red 2x every second to indicate the alarm has been tested/sounded and the interconnection is successful.


Always remove batteries before disposal and don’t dispose of this unit with other household waste. Your local council or retailer can advise you about recycling/disposal options or direct you to an appropriate electrical equipment waste recycling scheme.



Do not attempt to repair the alarm. It will affect your warranty.

Important Smoke Alarm Information for Tenants/Residents

Your obligations are to:

  • Test your smoke alarms periodically by depressing the “Test Button”. You should hear an audible alarm to confirm proper operation.
  • Keep all smoke alarms clean and obstruction-free and please remember to never paint the alarms; and
  • Avoid deactivating or interfering with smoke alarm operation (other than testing)

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