What's included in our once-off smoke alarm safety service?

Detector Inspector’s comprehensive annual smoke alarm safety service ensures that each property is compliant with the smoke alarm legislation applicable in its state.


Who is this service appropriate for?

This service is appropriate: 


  1. when you require Detector Inspector to conduct a once-off smoke alarm safety check at your property to ensure its compliance; or  
  2. for private landlords in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania.

An overview of our once-off smoke alarm safety service

Exclusions Inclusions Pricing Availability
Additional 9-volt smoke alarms
New 9-volt photoelectric smoke alarms or 9-volt photoelectric alarms with a 10-year lithium battery will be installed where no smoke alarms are present and/or replacement of faulty or expired smoke alarms are required.
Additional 240-volt mains connected smoke alarms
Replacement of faulty or expired 240-volt mains connected smoke alarms plus an electrician call out fee are required. A quotation will be provided before the commencement of work.
Certificate of electrical safety
Certificate of electrical safety is required for all electrical work.

Service charges

Please click on the 'pricing' tab to view the service charges and new smoke alarm prices relevant to your state.


What to expect from our smoke alarm safety service

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Get the protection you need with our smoke alarm safety service

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