As a property manager, how can I switch to Detector Inspector?

We have designed our services, our client support and our technology to save you time, reduce hassle and give you comfort that you and your clients are protected.

Switching to Detector Inspector is easy

To make the switch, choose the state that's relevant for you and follow the simple steps.

  1. Provide us with:
    • Log in details to your current smoke/electrical/gas compliance providers online portal – here we will download a list of properties to be transferred to Detector Inspector, OR
    • A list of properties to be transferred to Detector Inspector with last service dates/next due dates
  2. Sign our Service Agreement
  3. Cancel services with your current provider

One of our onboarding specialists can take care of the rest for you!

Note: if you require communications to be sent to any rental providers not currently enrolled in smoke/electrical/gas safety services, we have a custom-built platform to facilitate that for you as well!

Any questions?

Please complete the form below and one of our Business Development Managers will be in touch to arrange a time to talk you through the details of our services.

Why choose us

Your safety & compliance partner
We stay up to date with the regulations so you don’t have to
We’re so much more than a smoke alarm company
We’ve added new services and features to current services to meet the evolving regulations across the country
We assign a dedicated client services team to support you
The team includes your account manager and an agency-only support line to your state-specific client services team
We’ve built the best technology in the marketplace
Our technology is focused on reducing friction and saving you time. We continue to invest to stay ahead of our competition and make compliance simpler for you and your clients

Our digital toolkit includes:

Self-service tenant booking system

Tenants can feel more in control with our online self-service booking system. It couldn’t be simpler for them to book the time of a service appointment online when it suits them.

Digital entry notifications
Ongoing compliance requires low rates of overdue jobs. Digital entry notifications ensure that tenants are automatically notified of forthcoming service visits and keeps compliance on track.
Digital landlord mail-out
Approved emails with links to a super-fast digital sign-up process, customised to the situation of each landlord maximises take up and records responses.
Digital audit trail
Comprehensive records including communication audit trails, geo-located, time stamped photos and technician notes ensure protection in the case of incident.
Your agency portal
Our agency portal gives you 24/7 access to current job statuses, past service records, key registers and more. Everything at your fingertips when you need it.
Admin-cutting integration
We’re proud to be integrated with the leading property management software providers. Where integrated with your agency, you can forget updating tenant contact details, changing key numbers, advising us on lost managements and more. It’s all automated to save you time.


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