What is the Safer Home plan Cancellation Policy?

Under the Terms of Service, your Safer Home plan may be cancelled prior to expiration of the plan period by you, by your Agency or by us. Depending on the specific details of your Safer Home plan, cancellation may result in amounts payable to us, or amounts refundable to you.  


Assessing the amounts to be paid by you or returned to you

We want the calculation of the amounts to be paid by or returned to you to be both fair and transparent. Each plan has a plan period (usually one year or two years) and the plan period is referred to in this policy as the Current Plan Period. During the Current Plan Period, the Safer Home plan offers an ongoing, always-on compliance solution for properties enrolled. In addition to completing all requisite safety checks during the Current Plan Period, Detector Inspector also offers free callouts and various inclusions that persist for the Current Plan Period, unless the plan is cancelled or suspended. 

As there is both a time and service-based component to a Safer Home plan, there is both a time-based and service-based value provided under those plans. In assessing amounts to be paid by you or returned to you upon cancellation of a Safer Home plan prior to expiration of the Current Plan Period, both the service-based and time-based value enjoyed up until the cancellation date will be considered, as follows:

Where the lesser of A or B is:


  • A positive figure, we will refund payment of that amount to you; or
  • A negative figure, we will require payment of that amount by you to us.
Service-Based Value

For the purposes of calculating the Service-Based Value of a Service, the full price of the individual service will be used, as published on the Detector Inspector website from time to time. Any discounts provided as part of the Safer Home plan, or in respect of any other discounts offered, will be disregarded for the purposes of calculating the Service-Based Value

Outstanding invoices and refunds

Where there is an outstanding invoice for Services delivered against the property, any refundable amount will be withheld until this invoice is settled. Our team will be in touch to notify you if this is the case

How to submit a cancellation request

To begin the cancellation request, please complete the below form. Any refundable amount will be notified to you and will be paid within 10 business days. Where we identify that amounts are payable to us, we will issue an invoice immediately

Please note

It is your responsibility to ensure all details provided in the form below are accurate, complete and up to date. Detector Inspector will only be responsible for paying approved refunds in accordance with the instructions provided in the form below. Any refunds paid by us shall represent a full and final settlement of all amounts owed to you, and otherwise discharge any and all responsibilities owed by us to you in respect of the Cancelled Property, as per our Terms of Service.



Pro tip:

Our Safer Home plans provide ongoing protection regardless of the property's managing agency. If the property has an active Safer Home plan and the managing agency has changed, simply let us know the new agency details and we can transfer the plan without any hassle to you or the owner.


This Cancellation Policy was last updated on 20 February 2024

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