As a Detector Inspector customer, how can I request an urgent service?

The Urgent Jobs Framework, consisting of specific actions and response times, is here to guide you when things go wrong with smoke alarms, gas and electrical appliances. Click below to get started with your urgent service request. 

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Are you a Detector Inspector client?

Our property managers can take advantage of our Compliance Portal for a streamlined way to request urgent services. Using the Request Service page in the Agency Portal.

Troubleshooting tips

Smoke alarm safety Gas safety Electrical safety

If you have a beeping or chirping smoke alarm, there are some things you can try.

I have a beeping or chirping smoke alarm. What can I do?
  • cleaning/vacuuming your smoke alarm - dust and dirt is a major cause of false alarms
  • cleaning any portable fans, heaters, radiators, and air conditioning ducts that are near the alarm in case they are blowing dust and dirt into your smoke alarms
  • in a high humidity climate, use a hair dryer to blow warm air through the smoke alarm to assist with drying out any moisture build-up
  • if your alarms go off from cooking fumes, use the exhaust fan when cooking. Opening windows and doors can also help. Some alarms have a "hush" button that provides 10 minutes of respite until the cooking fumes have dissipated.

What are:

Detector Inspector’s operating and extended support hours?
  Smoke Electrical Gas
Services operating hours (AEST)

Mon – Fri:
7AM – 7PM

Sat – Sun
9AM – 5PM

Mon – Fri:
7AM – 5PM

Sat – Sun
No service

Extended hours for further works^ Services operating hours Services operating hours plus weekends for P1, P2 where required
Emergency phone support (AEST)

Mon – Fri: 7am – 9am, 5:30pm – 10pm

Sat – Sun: 9am – 10pm

Business operating hours (AEST)

Mon – Fri: 9am – 5:30pm

Sat – Sun: Closed

Contact details

Emergency phone support – 1300 134 563

Help@di (during business operating hours) –

Chat (during business operating hours) -

^ further works means any attendance that is not a scheduled service, usually associated with an approved quotation

Certain urgent services I can seek DI's assistance with?

Please note

If you are a renter and are unsure if your property is protected by Detector Inspector, please contact your Property Manager.

As a Renter

  • Sirening, beeping or non-operational smoke alarms
  • Electrical safety concerns
  • Faults with power points / light switches / switchboard
  • Gas safety concerns i.e., gas leaks
  • Faults with gas heaters, hot water and other gas appliances

As a property manager

  • Requests received from renters in regard to smoke alarm, gas, and electrical safety concerns (see above)
  • Request to attend before or in between tenancies to meet smoke alarm compliance requirements in Queensland and Tasmania
  • Arranging a smoke alarm safety check if a Victorian or New South Wales property hasn’t had a safety check in the last 12 months
  • Request to replace a hardwired smoke alarm where a temporary alarm is installed
The SLAs of each priority level?

Priority 1

  • Within 1 hour#, risk assessment via phone call
  • Within 24 hours*, if unable to resolve over the phone, attendance at the property to make safe
  • Where further work is required to rectify underlying issues, priority may be reset

Priority 2

  • Within 3 hours#, risk assessment via phone call
  • Within 1 Business day**, if unable to resolve over the phone, attend at the property
  • Note: Resolution may require acceptance of the quote

Priority 3

  • Within 1 Business Day#, call to assess urgency
  • Attendance within 2 Business Days** (smoke alarm), 6 Business days** (gas/elec), if unable to resolve over the phone
  • Note: Resolution may require acceptance of the quote

Priority 4

  • Attend property before new tenancy date or within 10 Business Days of request from Agency**, whichever is the later

Priority 5

  • No specific SLAs. DI may choose whether or not to prioritise requests based on individual circumstances

“Business Day” means a day other than weekends and public holidays
# Where reported through AU Support during Operating Hours
* Subject to renter providing access to property
** Subject to the renter providing access to the property and reasonable constraints on the attendance of regional/remote properties

Urgent Jobs Framework

We provide the following framework to enable our customers to request urgent assistance.


Request an urgent service

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