What’s included in a gas safety service?

Detector Inspector's gas safety service, available only in Victoria, provides peace of mind that all gas appliances, installations and fittings at a property are safe and compliant.

Our services are carried out by a gas fitter with Type A Appliance Servicing accreditation, supported by our advanced workflow technology that ensures the service is completed in accordance with all applicable standards, codes and legislation.

Our gas safety service (every 2 years) is priced at $365 +GST for properties with two or more gas appliances and $239+GST for properties with only one gas appliance.

Watch the below video to learn more about what to expect from our gas safety service.



Every 2 years, our gas service includes:

A leak and pressure retention test on the main gas line
A recent additional requirement under the regulations, we use specialised instruments with integrated digital reporting to accurately store the test results as a record of compliance
Negative pressure test
Test for negative pressure that makes sure that carbon monoxide isn’t being drawn into living spaces via flue or chimney
Carbon monoxide spillage test
A carbon monoxide spillage test on all gas heating appliances and internal hot water systems according to the rigorous standards set by Energy Safe Victoria
Full 7-point safety check
including a comprehensive safety check of the property against the Australian Standards
Comprehensive warranty
12-month warranty on any serviced appliances, extended to 24 month warranty when the property is subscribed to the Safer Home Package
Service report
A digital Gas Service Report provided upon completion of each service


Get the protection you need with our gas safety service

If you are in Victoria and would like to enrol in our gas safety service, please complete the below form.

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