What's included in an electrical safety service?

Detector Inspector's electrical safety service, available only in Victoria, provides peace of mind that all electrical appliances, installations and fittings at a property are safe and compliant.

Our services are carried out by licensed electricians, supported by our advanced workflow technology that ensures the service is completed in accordance with all applicable standards, codes and legislation.

Our electrical safety service is priced at $299 +GST and includes a full service and maintenance check on electrical appliances, installations and fittings every 2 years. 

Watch the below video to learn more about what to expect from our electrical safety service.



Every 2 years, our electrical service includes:

Switchboard tests
A thorough switchboard inspection including a condition and safety check, insulation resistance test (where required) and RCD/safety switch test. We use specialised instruments with integrated digital reporting to accurately store the test results as a record of compliance
Power point tests
Earth loop and polarity tests of all accessible power points
Electrical appliance inspection
A thorough inspection of all landlord provided electrical appliances, checking for damage to plugs, leads and casings
Replacement of faulty items
Replacement of faulty or damaged safety switches, circuit breakers and standard light switches and power points (NB. On average, we install approximately $200 worth of these items at an initial electrical safety check. Under our Safer Home plans, this cost is included.) 
7-Point Safety Check
A full 7-point safety check of the switchboard and each landlord supplied electrical appliance, including a comprehensive compliance check of the property against the Australian Standards.
Service report
A digital Electrical Service Report provided upon completion of each service


Get the protection you need with our electrical safety service

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