Is a Safer Home subscription plan right for me?

The Safer Home plan has been designed to make compliance at your properties simple and give you peace of mind that you're covered in the case of an incident. We have included a range of benefits to make the Safer Home plan an attractive choice for our customers.

  1. We have extended a 13% discount vs the price of our pay-as-you-go services.
  2. It allows you as an owner to have the same, predictable subscription fee each year.
  3. We have added a raft of inclusions including free callouts and some parts for issues with checked items that can save you hundreds of dollars in expensive fees. With your renters having rights around urgent repairs, knowing that we're there when you or your renters need us and that you won't be slugged with expensive call out fees is really valuable.


Get the protection you need with our Safer Home plan

If you are in Victoria and would like to enrol in a Safer Home subscription plan, please complete the below form. Got more than one property to enrol? Email us at and we'll be pleased to help.


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