What is the top up fee?

What is the top up fee?

The Safer Home subscription is a pre-paid subscription service plan. It's designed to provide you with the coverage you need to know your property is compliant and the mandatory services are taken care of from the time the property is enrolled. In addition to covering the cost of the services, it includes a range of value adds that mean peace of mind for you that if issues arise, we'll be there.

One of the features of the Safer Home plan is a low annual fee. In year 1, that low annual fee is not enough to cover the cost of delivering all the services. The top-up fee 'tops up' the annual recurring fee to cover the cost of all the services in that first year only. 

In the second year (and each year thereafter), only the annual recurring service fee is payable. The annual recurring service fee covers: 

  1. the cost of the smoke alarm service that is carried out each year; and 
  2. contributes 50% toward the cost of the other services included in your plan. In this way, you are paying the larger fees in instalments, rather than in larger lumpy amounts every other year.

Pricing explained (for 2+ Gas Appliances)

Did you know...

. . . the Safer Home plan includes a 10% discount on the price of the individual services that are included within it and initial services on average include ~$200 worth of replacement parts such as light switches, power points and safety switches at no cost to the owner! 

If you'd like to enrol in our Safer Home subscription package, please complete the below form.

Got more than one property to enrol? Email us at help@detectorinspector.com.au and we'll be pleased to help.

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