How can I request an interconnected smoke alarm quotation or book an installation?

To either book an interconnected smoke alarm installation or request an indicative/fixed price quotation to have interconnected alarms installed, please click here. Backed by a 3-year product warranty and 10-year service warranty, we offer AS 3786:2014 interconnected smoke alarms in 10-year lithium and hardwired variants at a competitive price.

Important information to note

  • If you are an existing Detector Inspector customer and have already received a quotation from us, please refer to that and respond directly.
  • If you require a fixed price quotation or looking to book an installation directly, you will require to pay a callout fee valued at $129 incl. GST for QLD properties or $108.90 incl. GST for VIC/SA/NSW/TAS properties. 
  • The final cost is subject to change based on the findings of the attending electrician on the day of installation. For example, in QLD, if a study room is set up as a bedroom it will then require an alarm to be installed.

Not sure about the number of alarms your property needs?

The number of interconnected smoke alarms required varies based on the layout of the home and the legislation in force in each state. The following provides the minimum number of alarms required based on the number of bedrooms and/or storeys at a property. It is provided as a guide only. For a fixed quotation, a site inspection will be required.

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