Safer Home subscription plan - FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about our Safer Home plans. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to submit a request by clicking here.

How does the annual pricing work?
In the first year, you pay the annual recurring service fee attaching to your selected plan, plus a once-off top up fee. In the second year and beyond, you only pay the annual recurring service fee.
Why is there an annual recurring service fee every year if gas and electrical checks are required every 2 years?
Smoke alarms must be checked every year and electrical and gas safety checks must be performed at least every 2 years. There are a number of reasons supporting the approach we’ve taken.

First, it means you have smooth, predictable, equal payments from years 2 onwards.

Second, it allows us to extend a 10% discount on the price of the individual services.

Third, we can extend a range of benefits connected to, but different from the services. These include free callouts for issues with checked items. For example, did you know that to get someone out to urgently relight a pilot light at your property could cost you well in excess of $100 for the plumbers time? With the Safer Home plan, this would be done at no charge to you. It also includes free parts for some standard items when they fail. For example, did you know that replacing a thermocouple in your gas heater could set you back over $150 including time and parts? With the Safer Home plan, this would be replaced and the issue rectified at no charge to you.

These are just some of the benefits that we are able to extend under the Safer Home subscription plans.

How have you calculated the 10% discount for Safer Home plans?

The price of the individual services are as follows:

  • Smoke alarm service - $90 per year
  • Electrical service - $299 every 2 years
  • Gas service (one appliance only) - $239 every 2 years
  • Gas service (two or more appliances) - $365 every 2 years

The comparative pricing therefore is:

Safer Home Plan

2+ gas appliances

1 gas appliance

No gas appliances

Annual recurring fee




Top up fee
(first year only)




First year total





Individual Services

Smoke alarm service




Electrical service




Gas service




First year total





Safer Home discount




All prices are excluding GST.

Why does the number of gas appliances influence the price I pay?
Every home has electricity and smoke alarms, but not every home has gas connected. Additionally, at some homes like apartments, there may only be one gas appliance, such as a gas cooktop. Based on feedback from owners, we have looked to tailor pricing based on the needs of each property. This has allowed us to offer multiple plans. All the plans include the essential electrical and smoke alarm services and then the right plan for each property is based on the number of gas appliances at the property.
Do I have to choose the plan that matches my property's number of gas appliances?
Safer Home is providing you with a comprehensive compliance service for your property. As such, your plan must be appropriate for your property. If you make a mistake, don't worry. When we find out that it's different, we'll upgrade your subscription and send you a revised invoice. Once paid, we'll complete the Safer Home service.
What if I don't know or can't remember how many gas appliances my property has?
If you can't remember, we recommend selecting the plan for properties with no gas appliances regardless of whether it’s a house or an apartment. Don’t worry! If we visit the property and find that the number of gas appliances is different, we'll automatically adjust your subscription and your fees will be adjusted.
Are there discounts available if I own multiple properties?
Yes. For 4 or more properties, you will be eligible for a further 5% discount. If you're a block owner, for 10 or more apartments in a single block, you will be eligible for a further 10% discount. In all cases, these additional discounts will be automatically applied and shown in your first year's invoice.
I already receive Detector Inspector services. Can I get a reduction in fees?
Yes. Where you are an existing Detector Inspector customer of our smoke alarm or gas services, a rebate will be calculated as follows: (service fee paid/number of days remaining = rebate amount) and applied to your first year's invoice.
When do I pay the subscription fee?
Following confirmation of your selection of Safer Home subscription plan, we will invoice you for the subscription fee applicable either directly or through your agency. Please note that a top up fee will be payable in the first year of all Safer Home plans.
When does the subscription commence?
The subscription commences on the date of invoice.
When will the services be carried out?
The services will be carried out as soon as practicable following the commencement of the subscription. In most cases, the services will not be performed on the same day as experience has shown it creates a range of issues for both trades.
How do I pay for the services?
If you're managed by one of our partner agencies, we'll arrange payment via your agency in the usual way. If you're working with us directly, we'll invoice you directly.
What are some examples of "gas appliances"?
Cooktops, hot water services, logfire, heater, pool heating and mains connected BBQs

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